CellPoint and Hypertrust co-develop xCellit platform for cell therapies at the point of care

CELlPOINT AND HYPERTRUST CO-DEVELOP xCELLIT platform for cell therapies at the point of care

Leiden (NL) / Munich (DE) – November 2021 – CellPoint and Hypertrust Patient Data Care (HPDC) today announced the launch of xCellit. The xCellit system was co-developed to make autologous cell therapies available more rapidly and efficiently by facilitating the scheduling, monitoring and data capturing of cell treatment workflows. It is based on HPDC’s X-Chain Cell & Gene Therapy Orchestration solution and fully tailored to the CellPoint point-of-care manufacturing model. 

Using xCellit in combination with a closed and automated manufacturing device developed by Lonza (Cocoon), patient vein-to-vein times can be reduced to 6 days only, as compared to the industry standard of 4-6 weeks. This improvement is made possible as point-of-care manufacturing eliminates the need for complex, time-consuming and cost-intensive logistics.

“We are excited about our partnership with Hypertrust Patient Data Care. xCellit provides an end-to-end platform to digitize, streamline and secure our point-of-care supply chains for our CAR-T treatments. The convenient dashboards and notification triggers are critical in continuously involving and informing all stakeholders along the treatment workflow”, says Tol Trimborn, CEO of CellPoint.

Andreas Göbel, Managing Director at Hypertrust Patient Data Care adds: “This is a great step to further advance Cell & Gene therapies. The collaboration with CellPoint shows that even in fully decentralized setups it is possible to provide the required level of trust between multiple parties so that personalized treatment data can be handled reliably and securely.”

The point-of-care model brings a new, decentralized approach to autologous cell therapies. Currently available cell therapies involve numerous sequential steps: taking material from the patient, freezing, shipment by air freight, custom clearance, thawing, central factory manufacturing, quality control and release, transport back to the patient, and finally administering the product to the same patient. This current model struggles with limited manufacturing capacity and tremendous costs. In CellPoint’s point-of-care model, the production workflow is executed directly at the hospital where the patient is treated, circumventing many steps like cryopreservation and transport, driving down time and costs.

The xCellit platform provides a comprehensive set of features: a fully blown manufacturing execution system (MES) component including batch record QA/QC (quality assurance/quality control) and release in a remote environment. At its core, xCellit offers a highly trustworthy and customizable workflow process engine supporting the entire personalized medicine supply chain from patient treatment to recovery.

 More information about point-of-care treatments and the xCellit platform is also available in the joint webinar by CellPoint, Dell and HPDC.

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