CellPoint and Lonza Enter Strategic Collaboration to Deliver CAR-TCells to Patients at Point-of-Care

CellPoint and Lonza Enter Strategic Collaboration to Deliver CAR-T Cells to Patients at Point-of-Care

Goal to rapidly develop several T-cell therapies on the Cocoon® Platform for clinical point-of-care manufacturing. Aims to reduce vein-to-vein time for patients to 5-7 days.

CellPoint is developing various CAR-T immunotherapies to treat multiple cancers. One of the key hurdles in making these therapies more accessible to larger patient populations is the difficulty in manufacturing at-scale, robustly, and close to patients. CellPoint and Lonza will utilize Lonza’s Cocoon® Platform in combination with CellPoint’s online xCellit Platform for workflow management to manufacture cell therapies at the point-of-care. This can lower manufacturing costs and decrease time to treatment, with vein-to-vein time lowered to as little as 5-7 days compared to the current industry standard of more than a month, and also circumvent complex logistics. Read more … 

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